quaotic.com - let me tell you about me and my business 

I am a very small business owner based in Casterton in Victoria. I love camping and growing food and had a farm based business, but my circumstances changed not long ago and I had to start a new business from home. I love personalised gifted that show someone has thought hard about me and cared, so I decided to help other people by starting a business with the best personal service to do this for other people.

At the moment my business is home based because I am looking after my elderly parents and don't like to leave them for long periods but one day I would like to move into a commercial space in town so I can offer even more to my customers. My equipment is mid sized to fit the room I have for my business and great quality. I actually enjoy and get excited by every new project I get asked to do, whether it is printing a memorial photo of a pet that has passed on a mug or tile photo, or printing a dragon design on a teenagers t-shirt. 

Casterton is not close to any large cities but if you are ever over this way I welcome anyone to drop in for a chat, even if you are not in the market for a printed item. If you are a customer I really love it when you tell me how you love your order, or even tell me that you have a problem with it, which alerts me to a problem that I can fix early. I value my reputation so if you have any problem let me know and I will fix it, no hassle. Don't worry, I am friendly.


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