All about my printing process and equipment

My printing process is called sublimation printing. It uses special dyes and pressure to print full colour images into certain materials to produce a permanent print that is washable and has no 'feel' to it. it can be done on nearly any polyester clothing, microfibre, polar fleece, and also on hundreds of gift and promotional products.  Since most sport and gym clothing is made of polyester because modern polyester materials are superior to other fabrics for sweat wicking and breathability.

I don't have the room for large format printing so the largest prints I can do is around A3 size, which is still perfectly fine for anything except full print clothing. Most of the products I print use much small sized images.

Since sublimation printing can only be done on white or light coloured fabrics, I have teamed up with a vinyl printer to supply vinyl transfers for cotton and dark fabrics, These can only be done in one colour but are perfect for logos and simple t-shirt designs.



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